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 Rest in peace Michael Jackson

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PostSubject: Rest in peace Michael Jackson   Fri Jun 26, 2009 9:33 pm

He was the king of Pop, he was a great performer and dancer.. just awesome! His voice was unbeatable!

You are loved, you will remain loved forever, you are in everybody's hearts, as your music.

I really didn't know him but it makes me sad because he was such a great person and now he had been taken to a better place.
I loved his "moon walk" and other crazy stuff he had done, haha.
I mean, dieing with 50.. that really sucks but god wanted it that way.
I hope you are now in a better place and remember :


If you guys read it.. read it slowly and just let one's mind/emotions wander.
Here's a video of him.. No sad music, just shows up his amazing danceskills.

Sad No
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PostSubject: Re: Rest in peace Michael Jackson   Sat Jun 27, 2009 12:39 am

Yeah i still think he was the best!
On the netherlands they said first Madona then Micheal but i said Micheal and i dont belive shit what people told about him and kids!
He was to busy and cool guy for messing around.
And i think the media killed him cuz thats what make him weak on the end.
He was the best, he is still the best!
Peace out
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Rest in peace Michael Jackson
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