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 Kind of make u go WTF, but funny at the same time.....

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Kind of make u go WTF, but funny at the same time..... Empty
PostSubject: Kind of make u go WTF, but funny at the same time.....   Kind of make u go WTF, but funny at the same time..... EmptyFri Jul 17, 2009 9:39 am

[20:56:39] (Private)From BronzeRanger: tbh most of my "scams"

[20:56:41] (Private)From BronzeRanger: were people being idiots

[20:56:50] (Private)From BronzeRanger: then everything gets stretched

[20:56:58] (Private)To BronzeRanger: like what happened

[20:57:13] (Private)From BronzeRanger: arab's trading with their arab friends, not vent or MSn confirming it

[20:57:18] (Private)From BronzeRanger: being oblivious to who was really trading them

[20:57:20] (Private)From BronzeRanger: etc.

[20:57:29] (Private)From BronzeRanger: asking random half-ass guildies for gears

[20:57:30] (Private)From BronzeRanger: then saying peace out

[20:57:37] (Private)From BronzeRanger: after they dicked someone else out of gears

[20:57:47] (Private)To BronzeRanger: haha ooh

[20:57:48] (Private)From BronzeRanger: or just scamming complete dickwads

[20:57:57] (Private)From BronzeRanger: the only REAL sort of, aweful thing i did

[20:58:05] (Private)From BronzeRanger: was out of frustration almost

[20:58:14] (Private)From BronzeRanger: I didn't touch wenjin, nor did he lose a lot

[20:58:21] (Private)From BronzeRanger: but Luc, blueseal

[20:58:21] (Private)To BronzeRanger: do u know who did

[20:58:25] (Private)From BronzeRanger: yes, I do

[20:58:38] (Private)From BronzeRanger: but he's his own person, he did what he felt he wanted to do

[20:58:49] (Private)From BronzeRanger: which was say fk off after shiit got blown up

[20:58:57] (Private)From BronzeRanger: anyway

[20:58:59] (Private)To BronzeRanger: ohh

[20:59:09] (Private)From BronzeRanger: I was accused of doing all this shit

[20:59:16] (Private)From BronzeRanger: Luc told me to give up Nemesis, i was "making it look bad"

[20:59:24] (Private)From BronzeRanger: which is absurd, disloyal, rude

[20:59:28] (Private)From BronzeRanger: spitting in my face basically

[20:59:32] (Private)To BronzeRanger: ya

[20:59:33] (Private)From BronzeRanger: my best buddy, besides impek

[20:59:35] (Private)From BronzeRanger: says that to me

[20:59:56] (Private)From BronzeRanger: then changes all his passwords, while i'm botting his chars and some of wenjins

[21:00:01] (Private)From BronzeRanger: to help out, you know, trust

[21:00:02] (Private)From BronzeRanger: he blew the trust

[21:00:06] (Private)From BronzeRanger: i said fk it

[21:00:07] (Private)To BronzeRanger: mhhm

[21:00:10] (Private)From BronzeRanger: was on his euro

[21:00:12] (Private)From BronzeRanger: wanted to see what he'd do

[21:00:16] (Private)From BronzeRanger: i idled it for 3 days

[21:00:23] (Private)From BronzeRanger: you can even ask him, i idled it for awhile

[21:00:28] (Private)From BronzeRanger: and he globalled and cussed

[21:00:32] (Private)From BronzeRanger: and called me this big scammer

[21:00:41] (Private)From BronzeRanger: not to mention my OWN +5 cleric rod and shield i lent him, were on his char

[21:00:47] (Private)From BronzeRanger: and I powereleveled that char most of the time

[21:00:51] (Private)From BronzeRanger: while he pvped instead of helped

[21:01:02] (Private)To BronzeRanger: thats fuuked

[21:01:02] (Private)From BronzeRanger: Renki's gears were on the char too, not his own

[21:01:05] (Private)From BronzeRanger: but out of frustration

[21:01:15] (Private)From BronzeRanger: i basically said alright, be a d1ck

[21:01:18] (Private)From BronzeRanger: and cleared the acc

[21:01:36] (Private)From BronzeRanger: so Luc's Flash acc

[21:01:37] (Private)From BronzeRanger: his newb euro

[21:01:40] (Private)To BronzeRanger: haha nice

[21:01:42] (Private)From BronzeRanger: level like 72, unfarmed hybrid

[21:01:50] (Private)From BronzeRanger: got cleaned,

[21:01:58] (Private)From BronzeRanger: i think 30m + all De's gears, newbie +4 stuff

[21:02:00] (Private)From BronzeRanger: and my stuff

[21:02:03] (Private)From BronzeRanger: luc didn't lose shit

[21:02:06] (Private)From BronzeRanger: I had info to EVERy character

[21:02:08] (Private)From BronzeRanger: he owned

[21:02:17] (Private)To BronzeRanger: wow

[21:02:18] (Private)From BronzeRanger: wenjin on the other hand

[21:02:27] (Private)From BronzeRanger: ImpeK had the info, we both did

[21:02:36] (Private)From BronzeRanger: he had a sun 52 bow he borrowed before hand

[21:02:44] (Private)From BronzeRanger: said, "i'm keeping it, fk them"

[21:02:46] (Private)From BronzeRanger: that was fine with me

[21:02:51] (Private)From BronzeRanger: +5 spear on wenjins acc, real nice

[21:02:57] (Private)From BronzeRanger: put it on a gold bot

[21:03:00] (Private)To BronzeRanger: haha

[21:03:03] (Private)From BronzeRanger: 3 +6 gears, put it on another gold bot

[21:03:08] (Private)From BronzeRanger: 3 normal gears, just NPC'd

[21:03:11] (Private)From BronzeRanger: jewels, gold bot

[21:03:15] (Private)From BronzeRanger: left his storage the same

[21:03:24] (Private)From BronzeRanger: yet, if you hear around, people act like wenjin lost 4bill

[21:03:26] (Private)From BronzeRanger: funny shit

[21:03:42] (Private)From BronzeRanger: and yes, Casios' blade was an instant 4bill

[21:03:45] (Private)From BronzeRanger: fk the turkey

[21:03:48] (Private)To BronzeRanger: LOL

[21:04:16] (Private)From BronzeRanger: i got scammed myself, though

[21:04:23] (Private)From BronzeRanger: and stupid ebuddy kept buying all the sun i wanted

[21:04:38] (Private)From BronzeRanger: arab's kept getting the shields, and this kaneda douche wouldn't sell me his sun shield

[21:04:57] (Private)From BronzeRanger: eminence scammed me out of 2bill for a sun cleric

[21:04:59] (Private)To BronzeRanger: ya i rember

[21:04:59] (Private)From BronzeRanger: blah blah

[21:05:01] (Private)From BronzeRanger: buncha lame shit

[21:05:06] (Private)From BronzeRanger: never got to complete bronze

[21:05:17] (Private)From BronzeRanger: everyone is too butt hurt, emo, serious all the time

[21:05:25] (Private)From BronzeRanger: i'm probably going to roll sbot for a few months

[21:05:27] (Private)From BronzeRanger: mess around, etc

[21:05:31] (Private)From BronzeRanger: have something in the back round, you know?

[21:05:40] (Private)From BronzeRanger: Legitted to 80 on Perfect World, but ImpeK and I got IP banned

[21:05:49] (Private)From BronzeRanger: GM's don't like to be called n1ggers, rofl

[21:06:08] (Private)To BronzeRanger: ahahha

[21:06:17] (Private)From BronzeRanger: I wont' have time for Aion

[21:06:21] (Private)From BronzeRanger: 0x33's going to Darkfail(Darkfall)

[21:06:24] (Private)From BronzeRanger: so it's meh atm

[21:06:29] (Private)To BronzeRanger: idk who that is

[21:06:43] (Private)From BronzeRanger: Aion is this big game that's coming out in september

[21:06:53] (Private)From BronzeRanger: oh you mean 0x33?

[21:06:54] (Private)From BronzeRanger: you dunno?

[21:06:56] (Private)To BronzeRanger: isnt beta out

[21:06:59] (Private)From BronzeRanger: yeah

[21:07:02] (Private)From BronzeRanger: well not now

[21:07:02] (Private)To BronzeRanger: ya idk who that person is

[21:07:06] (Private)From BronzeRanger: there's 6 beta's, 4th is coming up

[21:07:15] (Private)From BronzeRanger: lol, silly you

[21:07:24] (Private)From BronzeRanger: you knew what softmod was right

[21:07:30] (Private)From BronzeRanger: back in the day

[21:07:33] (Private)To BronzeRanger: ya

[21:07:39] (Private)From BronzeRanger:'s product

[21:07:42] (Private)From BronzeRanger: I was an 0x33 mod

[21:07:45] (Private)To BronzeRanger: yaya

[21:07:54] (Private)From BronzeRanger: now they are moving on to the game darkfall

[21:08:02] (Private)From BronzeRanger: p2p too

[21:08:05] (Private)To BronzeRanger: ohhhhh got it

[21:08:15] (Private)From BronzeRanger: none of. us want to go to it, so sorta stinks

[21:08:43] (Private)From BronzeRanger: where's your +9 shield

[21:08:49] (Private)To HotPockets: SHUT THE FUUCK UP

[21:08:58] (Private)To BronzeRanger: the other one?

[21:09:12] (Private)From BronzeRanger: rofl i'm playin' anyway

[21:09:20] (Private)From BronzeRanger: was going to ask for it jokingly , but i don't ask anymore

[21:09:26] (Private)To BronzeRanger: i sold it soon as i +10d this one

[21:09:44] (Private)From BronzeRanger: how much it go for?

[21:09:45] (Private)From HotPockets: hehe you have a new buddy

[21:09:53] (Private)To HotPockets: bronzeranger is admiting to everyone he scammed to me

[21:10:00] (Private)To BronzeRanger: 400m

[21:10:05] (Private)From HotPockets: lol

[21:10:09] (Private)To HotPockets: sbot much"?

[21:10:11] (Private)From BronzeRanger: meh, stupid economy

[21:10:16] (Private)To HotPockets: hehe posting it on the forum

[21:10:21] (Private)To BronzeRanger: ya

[21:10:27] (Private)From BronzeRanger: bet I still could of afforded it

[21:10:28] (Private)From BronzeRanger: and that's ridic

[21:10:39] (Private)From HotPockets: what do you mean sbot

[21:10:45] (Private)From BronzeRanger: ImpeK had to sell our +9 chinese shield for like 400m too zz

[21:10:51] (Private)From BronzeRanger: worth 1.2bill a week before he ended up selling

[21:11:17] (Private)To BronzeRanger: haha i rember i sold my +7 br 20 shield for 400m to i3hemoth 1week b4 100cap

[21:11:22] (Private)To BronzeRanger: the announcment*

[21:11:28] (Private)From BronzeRanger: haha, nice

[21:11:37] (Private)From BronzeRanger: we were going to sell our shit in march or april, i forget what the plan was

[21:11:41] (Private)From BronzeRanger: and they announced cap way early

[21:11:43] (Private)From BronzeRanger: pissed us off

[21:11:48] (Private)From BronzeRanger: lost billions and billions

[21:11:57] (Private)From BronzeRanger: think impek ended up bailing out with around $1k still

[21:12:13] (Private)To BronzeRanger: wow thats alot

[21:12:16] (Private)From BronzeRanger: not bad when we played for entertainment

[21:12:23] (Private)From BronzeRanger: he needs the money more then me

[21:12:26] (Private)To BronzeRanger: ya

[21:12:26] (Private)From BronzeRanger: I let him sell all the gold

[21:12:35] (Private)From BronzeRanger: and me, hell

[21:12:40] (Private)From BronzeRanger: I just logged off on february 19th, and said peace out

[21:12:56] (Private)From BronzeRanger: never looked back, till now, sorta ditched some friends on another server

[21:13:08] (Private)From BronzeRanger: i'll stop talkin' ya ear off now

[21:13:21] (Private)To BronzeRanger: no its cool these ppl are lame

[21:13:29] (Private)From BronzeRanger: tell me about it

[21:13:34] (Private)From BronzeRanger: i'm surprised people can stand it

[21:13:36] (Private)From BronzeRanger: at least I have haters

[21:13:40] (Private)From BronzeRanger: what do these people strive off of?

[21:13:58] (Private)To BronzeRanger: somtimes when im bored i set up like 4bards a cleric and a warrior

[21:14:02] (Private)To BronzeRanger: and just rape everyone

[21:14:08] (Private)From BronzeRanger: rofl, yeah I was starting to do that

[21:14:13] (Private)From BronzeRanger: even made a pure int to 73

[21:14:17] (Private)From BronzeRanger: to be a bard addition

[21:14:27] (Private)From BronzeRanger: I liked how easy it was to set up new goals in SRO

[21:14:29] (Private)To BronzeRanger: i have 3 lvl 82bards 1 lvl 85 one lvl 91

[21:14:34] (Private)From BronzeRanger: new chars, new chars to focus on, etc

[21:14:39] (Private)From BronzeRanger: very nice

[21:14:49] (Private)To BronzeRanger: ya just threw them in plvl pts with main chars

[21:14:56] (Private)From BronzeRanger: yup that's what I did

[21:15:01] (Private)From BronzeRanger: put my alts gold farming

[21:15:07] (Private)From BronzeRanger: newbies to get

[21:15:12] (Private)From BronzeRanger: leveled

[21:15:30] (Private)From BronzeRanger: I can't remember my stallers info

[21:15:32] (Private)From BronzeRanger: sort of bothering me now

[21:15:56] (Private)To BronzeRanger: ifyour not using them i can take soem goldbots of your hands hah

[21:16:21] (Private)To BronzeRanger: nah jk

[21:16:36] (Private)From BronzeRanger: haha, i plan to run them, possibly

[21:16:49] (Private)From BronzeRanger: but i'll just bot here really

[21:17:03] (Private)From BronzeRanger: Amalie is the only person i'd consider really taking time to pvp rape with

[21:17:06] (Private)From BronzeRanger: or you if we got to that point

[21:17:26] (Private)To BronzeRanger: need a blader acc to rape the euros

[21:17:29] (Private)From BronzeRanger: if you hear rumors about me being amalie or vice versa btw

[21:17:33] (Private)To BronzeRanger: all they do is absolute

[21:17:34] (Private)From BronzeRanger: it's complete fail by arab's
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Kind of make u go WTF, but funny at the same time..... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kind of make u go WTF, but funny at the same time.....   Kind of make u go WTF, but funny at the same time..... EmptyFri Jul 17, 2009 6:21 pm

lol so sum up for us plox Very Happy
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Kind of make u go WTF, but funny at the same time.....
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