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 silkroad interface improvement ksro*

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Usual Suspects
Usual Suspects

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PostSubject: silkroad interface improvement ksro*   Fri Aug 14, 2009 9:04 am

I spread the world, the Silk Road Online.

More easily and the last three months, as a convenience to improve across the main interface is a task.
This work challenges the existing did you all going to be the brother of former "huimanghamyeo" update information, please refer to your use "eopeusigil confusion".

[Interfaces to improve the list]

Menu & experience to improve Chiba
Target window, add to the character acting
Additional and improved features woldeumaep
Quest Add Alert
Quest performs Destinations
Improve the street network hwakinchang
Improve opsyeonchang
Keomyunitichang separation
Alchemy UI improvements


Menu & experience to improve Chiba

- 10 experience Chiba: gyeongheomchi to learning is obvious to increase the size of the gyeongheomchi bar, are broken down step by step.
- Menu improvements: menu easier to integrate and improve the dropdown list will be able to find the features you need.

Target window, add to the character acting

- Wookeulrikhamyeon character facing the mouse points will appear next to the action list.
- Acting for a list of 5 features (exchange, whispering, friend, party invitation, follow) are supported.

Additional and improved features woldeumaep

1) Players of the following criteria will be able to check the Monster bunpodo.
▷ You can check the distribution of the entire monster.
▷ of view of the desired level may be a monster from the list.
▷ character's level can be checked bunhoreul Monster gijuneu Lohan.

2) In the Dungeon Map woldeumaep much of the terrain also checked all the floors will be able to.

Quest GUI improvements

1) Quest Add Alert
Quest for the Quest for clarity, the upper right corner of the screen displays the alerts.

- Kweseuteumyeong, goal, status, count information is displayed.
- If you receive a new quest will be added automatically. (However, if you have exceeded the maximum number will not be added.)

2) perform a local Quest View
Quest performs performs places where clarity, Quest, NPC, monster, location map and to display additional information

Improve the street network hwakinchang
More intuitive approach to the verification window, the output of the player by changing to prevent mistakes.

Improve opsyeonchang
Games by category, by placing the options need to be improved so that you can easily find the land features.

Keomyunitichang separation
Community as a separate window to the guild and the general community in its own space, you can check the information jikgwandoen.

- Guild: Guild information, Guild Relations, progress
- Community: Friends, blocking, jjokjiham

Alchemy UI improvements

- Alchemy is added to gauge progress.
- Decomposition, used in the dissolution of the state rondoneun inventory is changed to allow Alchemy.
- Alchemy items will be listed as icons rather than text.

Dynamic hunt, and enjoy the community, and other convenience-oriented than any of the games that use the Silk Road Online
We'll try to be. Many of our customers will use and interest.

Thank you.

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Regular Member
Regular Member

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PostSubject: Re: silkroad interface improvement ksro*   Sun Aug 16, 2009 7:44 am

Jeez, quite a few updates lol. looks prettty cool
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silkroad interface improvement ksro*
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