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 WTS 6 Accounts in BABEL !

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PostSubject: WTS 6 Accounts in BABEL !   Sun Sep 20, 2009 6:47 pm

Wanna sell my characters for real cash by western-union

Starting by highest to lowest

MarsBar Lvl. 100 Archer

DeVIL_GuY LVl. 96 Pure INT s/s Nuker

DeVIL_BabE Lvl. 96 Pure Int Spear Nuker

Elonora Lvl. 93 Pure Int Wizard / Cleric

PotatoeHead Lvl. 91 Pure Str Warrior / Cleric

EvilGodZ Lvl. 85 Pure Str Rouge / Bard

i need to leave sro ASAP so whoever pm me 1st get the cookies ! gl
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WTS 6 Accounts in BABEL !
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