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 End of Story

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Usual Suspects
Usual Suspects

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PostSubject: End of Story   Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:53 pm

As u all might have already noticed, i quit SRO Months ago, since i wont ever come back, im starting to sell my Character.

110FF Hybrid INT Character with +9 accessories, +7 protector set, and a Nova +6 Spear FB Adv+1 on it with crit 83%!
Has Devil Spirit and Sylph pick pet which both need to be reactivate.
Got alot of elixirs, tablets, elements and a +7 shield br 18 for PVP.
Selling it only for real money, western union or just a normal bank transfer.
Send me your offers in this forum or if u have my msn, through msn.

Peace out, Memo.

(P.S if anyone see Ko, tell him he's Gay,)
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End of Story
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