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 ksro update translated by google lol

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Usual Suspects
Usual Suspects

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ksro update translated by google lol Empty
PostSubject: ksro update translated by google lol   ksro update translated by google lol EmptyThu May 28, 2009 12:12 pm

it's a bad translation.

I spread the world, the Silk Road Online.

Smooth patch to the game and held a comfortable environment, the server has completed the regular inspection and home inspection.
Regular checks on the server and check the website every Wednesday is in progress.

Avatar items [pirate costume] has been added.
[Pirate costume more 보러가기]

Improve the trade and commemorate the event will be a love triangle conflict.
[Trade and improve the event in detail the conflict triangle 보러가기]
This product has been paid to make the event haengsi goejorokeu 4.
[Goejorokeu 4 Lotto haengsi OK to build the event to the top]

Information that was patched
This newly improved trade and Lip tripod. ☞ [trade and improvements in a triangular conflict more 보러가기]
- The safety limit level of the trade off
- Safe Trading limited number of available
- Specialty market information
- Trading profit rise (Specialties Price / Trade Prices / increase in trade volume)
- Transportation rate increase
Avatar option has been improved. ☞ [avatar improvements more 보러가기]
- Avatars option for redundancy
- Add new Magic options
Note the system's functionality has been improved.
- 1 for the input has been increased to 500 the number of characters.
- If you fail to send a message to be sent back to the same improvements.

Skills related modifications
- 'Advanced ripeulrekteu' symptoms did not modify the output of skill
- Thief / Hunter NPC skills can not be used to modify the monster mask
- After using gwiyoungsinbo skills biyoung character was unusual symptoms, go to Edit
- If you die to damage the character skills gyeongheomchi petrifaction symptoms did not modify the harakhaji
- The character is stunned, but did not stop the casting skill in intermittent symptoms Edit
- If you use stealth mode to transparent in a stealth mode detection Potion modification phenomenon has been disabled
- Follow the characters inbijeobeul / stealth skills, even with the continuous modification ttaragadeon Symptoms
- Inbijeobeul / stealth to attack the target if the peteuro inbijeobeul / stealth mode turned off, did not modify the symptoms
- If characters die in the frozen state has at least the duration of time the symptoms can not be resurrected Edit
- Noise skills harmony with the character skills therapeutics to prevent the pass effect seongong If symptoms did not modify the
Quest-related modifications
- Quest Spoils exchange phenomena that are not complete, modify
- Ivy 1, 2, Quest complete Quest items are not deleted, modifying symptoms
- Precedence Quest complete Quest syahadeuui letter can be performed without modifying the symptoms
- The blood of 104 completed the Quest, the character could not donhwang seokgul symptoms and modify the entry to the First Emperor reung
- Sarin family performs the desired jinsi hwangreung a floor of the Quest for the Quest Dungeon entry modify the symptoms
- Daze of the Evil Quest ahyitemin 'nachalui decoration, could not gain possession of the symptoms and modify the seeds of Purity
PVP related modifications
- Less than 20 levels to attack the other characters in the character of the phenomena that modify the
- Free worak of Dalian, the current location of the ripeulrekteu skill in the resurrection, death, damage to the unprecedented phenomenon can modify
- Poison field skills, even if the death of the character casting the fly by the offender if the damage to the character field, given the poison,
Modify the symptoms were immediately resurrected the offender
- Free Dalian to the character of the relative skill, or status that continues to damage the party, subcontract with more skill, if
Skills that the offender was a phenomenon sijeonhan modify the character
Gyeonseupso related modifications
- If you press the Edit button gyeonseupso Guild bulletin bulletin modify the phenomenon seems
- If you earn less than 10 points to earn buff buff icon modify symptoms did not disappear
- Guardian by the death of character resurrection skill / order, if we honor the resurrection buff edit the symptoms disappeared
Other modifications
- Tamseunghan means of transportation is used, the character skills to the Department of bigeom phenomenon was neokdaun character edit
- Premium Gold extended time period, the quest to add the seeds of purification can modify the symptoms
- In the rain 'Debug.Restart' button and click the Login window, if the rain continued to move and modify symptoms deulrideon
- Avoidance of yeongeumseok / properties of three attempts to avoid Alchemy Properties / options occur on the property if the property is a fairy tale fairy tale, the message
Symptoms did not modify the output
- Hits of the yeongeumseok / properties of three attempts to hit Alchemy Properties / options occur on the property if the property is a fairy tale fairy tale, the message
Symptoms did not modify the output

Have a great time with the Silk Road, please.
Thank you.

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ksro update translated by google lol
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