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 Last Warning!

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Last Warning! Empty
PostSubject: Last Warning!   Last Warning! EmptyTue Jun 09, 2009 5:07 pm

Rules created by Carlos about not FLAMING or OFENDING are clearly not being followed.
Please pm yourselves in game or in last case use forum's chat box at the bottom of main page if you wanna offend or flame someone, DO NOT DO IT ON POSTS IN THIS FORUM!!!

Next Posters who make any kind of offending post will start to have a 1 day forum ban.

Please respect this rules, we can make this forum interesting for everyone and usefull wich is the reason why it was created.

No matter if any Guides, Tutorials, Info, Screenshots, whatever werent made by you, tho you should allways give credit to the original owners of what you post here, and every piece of information is usefull and makes this forum a little more richer.

No matter if you like someone or not that is your problem in this forum everyone is welcome.
If you see any topic or post wich may be offending you the best to do is inform one of the forum's Admin or Mod and ignore... do not create a war replying please.

Have a good day and enjoy.

Last Warning! Novobanner
Last Warning! Ubd6153
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Last Warning!
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