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 Some Roc Update details...

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Some Roc Update details... Empty
PostSubject: Some Roc Update details...   Some Roc Update details... EmptyWed Jun 24, 2009 3:32 am

i got this from SROKING website, they say they made an interview with some CSSRO Players who gave them this info from theyre experience since this update has allready been released there, well gives us a little idea of how it works in case its gonna be in ISRO like in CSRO. ill just paste it here take a look.

S(sroking): can you briefly tell us how to meet the Roc in ROC Mountain area?
F(Top player Fox Hu): There is a Gate at the top of Roc Mountain called “wisdom gate”(all the name in this interview we are meaning translated from Chinese name). Every night at 20:30 in China Server, the gate will be open for 10 minutes; player can use the gate to enter if they have the “Key of the Blood Clan”. Er… if u ask where to get the key…do the level 80’s quest--“Roc Expedition 2”.

S:Any other way to get the key?
F:of course yes, u may able to trade from other user or the game’s official item mall.

S:Usually how long for u to bring down Roc?
F: it’s depends on ur team work, you know…it’s all about how good ur team work does. About the time, our fastest record was 56 minutes on my server, usually it will take 1.5 hour – 2 hour to kill Roc. Exciting

S: Any more you like to forward to International SRO players?
F: well(smile),nothing but a tips, when you finish the quest which reward the “key of the blood clan”, you will get along three marks. Those marks can’t drop, so u better exchange them from the Village chief.
7 marks exchange for 5 HP/MP 100% recovery pill
10 marks exchange for 3 pills which improve 30% dodge rate, and 30% hit rate
15 marks exchange for 1 pills which recovery 60% lose experience after dead

S: Thanks again for this interview my friend, hope you and your friends achieve more success in the game.
F: My pleasure, if any more
things you need to know, just ask ^^

Some Roc Update details... Novobanner
Some Roc Update details... Ubd6153
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Some Roc Update details... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Some Roc Update details...   Some Roc Update details... EmptyThu Jun 25, 2009 12:05 am

nice find!
keep up the good work cheers
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Some Roc Update details...
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