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 Unique ksing...right _FarCry2_ ?

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Unique ksing...right _FarCry2_ ? Empty
PostSubject: Unique ksing...right _FarCry2_ ?   Unique ksing...right _FarCry2_ ? EmptySun Jul 05, 2009 12:41 am

there u can see that i wanted to kill that fucking shaitan -.-

You have so many chances to get him cuz u powerlvl there.. union ksing sucks but for u its ok.. i dont want to attack you i just want to tell u my opinion to that subtitle.
I don't care what ur doing in upcoming time.. @ the end its ur decision.. and as u can see on that picture i wanted the kill .. so stop saying I DIDNT WANT..

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Unique ksing...right _FarCry2_ ?
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