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 Regarding Magic Pop Notice

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PostSubject: Regarding Magic Pop Notice   Regarding Magic Pop Notice EmptyMon Apr 13, 2009 1:43 pm

Hello. This is Silkroad Online.
Kaboom! Silkroad at your service, Make your Magic Pop wish.
You will get what you wanted most!

Magic Pop is a system in which the user purchases a gift certificate (Magic Pop Card)
on the Item Mall. When the user wins the item randomly, the selected item is released.
If not, a random item is given.

1. Go to Magic Pop NPC with a Magic Pop Card.
2. Click Magic Pop to open the window.
3. Click the desired item on the list above and insert the Magic Pop Card at the center.
4. Click the Play button to activate Magic Pop. The desired item could be achieved randomly.
(Win: Red Coupon, Lose: Green Coupon)

Devils Spirit grade S, popular character outfits, 10th grade Seal of Sun Weapon, other items will be given.
Using the Subscription Cards obtained at a certain probability upon losing enters you into the draw right away.
(After a certain period, an offline reward is given by draw.)

Other great gifts would be given like off line gifts, etc.
All the achievable items have different probability.
Detail information would be on Game Sytem on
Your best wishes would come true!

Source http://

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Regarding Magic Pop Notice
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