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 Hotan Fortress War

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PostSubject: Hotan Fortress War   Hotan Fortress War EmptyThu Dec 24, 2009 2:53 pm

First of all thank you very much to all that came.

Even tho we didnt take it we did a hell of a good job and im pretty sure we will take it in two weeks.

Please dont blame Warriorz for not beeing able to hold it, you must understand repair tools have a cooldown time, and people now do much more damage on obstacles then before so its harder to keep the obstacles allways repaired.

On next fortress war concentrate on hitting the heart and not fighting, like we did today, and if we take it fast, the most important thing is to keep doing KB and KD to everyone who is attacking the obstacles/towers/heart.

Many thanks again and keep the good job, we are without any doubt the best Babel Union.

Good Luck in two weeks.

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Hotan Fortress War
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