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 PVP Championship

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PostSubject: PVP Championship   PVP Championship EmptyMon Feb 08, 2010 8:58 pm

PVP Championship Pvpr


MT and Eminence Forum are promoting a PVP Championship to determine the 25 strongest players on Babel at MT's website: SunCitySro and this forum.

Championship will take place on sunday february 28 @ 1pm usa eastern, 6pm portugal, 7pm european, 8pm egyptian/turkish and 9pm kuwait/ksa time. The event will take place at dw south gate.

The winner will receive 300mil+lvl1 sun blade and lvl1 sun shield, 2nd place 150mil+lvl 24 sun spear, 3rd place 100mil+lvl 8 sun xbow, 4th place 50mil+male gdf and 5th place 25mil+female gdf.

Head to head matchups will be drawn at random.
The rules are: no zerk, no offering, no devil spirit transformation, no scrolls, not beeing on party with any other players for using only own buffs.

Entry fee will be 10mil per person and please come early.

Good luck to all and may the best man/woman win.

Everyone who wants to participate shall leave a reply to THIS POST with the player description using this format:
Nickname: kamikaz33
Level: 100
Race: Chinese
Build: Pure Int - Sword/Shield
(No sun Items or weapon)

Please post nothing else then your subscription to the championship so this post doesnt gets too crowded and making it easyer to organize everything.

People from any Guild may participate so we can make it the bigger possible.

Thank you very much and hope to see many people interested.

Have fun.
Kami & MT.

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PVP Championship
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