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Usual Suspects
Usual Suspects

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PostSubject: 3 WAY ELIMINATION GUILD WAR   3 WAY ELIMINATION GUILD WAR EmptyWed Feb 10, 2010 12:49 pm

I was thinking fellas and girls in the union~~~*cannot forget about them*~~~~~ =) I was thinking of new ways to spice up guild war a little. I know that right now its the same old guild war where they kill; then ress at the spot and then head to safe zone..... blah blah blah ***BORRRRIIIINNNGGGGG*** Well here is one of my ideas for guild war.....

**** 3-WAY ELIMINATION GUILD WAR **** ~~~ Eminence Union Only ~~~

A 3 way guild war with 3 guilds going at it the same time.

What it mean: u have 3 guilds apply war invite at each opposing guilds that is warring

Guild war start date and time:
Will be discussed among the guild's GM for date and time. Information has to be posted on guild notice 1-2 days before the war period starts.

Victory points: 5K to each warring guild

Prize: winner of the guild war will receive 1 or 1.5 bil in-game gold for their guild to split between themselves.

Victory Conditions: In order for the guild to be eliminated; the guild have to be defeated by 2 guild. So that they are unable to attack any of the remained guild that are still warring. 1st guild to eliminate both guild will be pronounced as the winner of the 3-way elimination guild war. To make sure this is fair; there is no teaming up with another guild to fight off the other guild alone. Unless there will be another event for a 2 vs 2 guild war match coming soon.

Time Limit: 30 mins-1 hour

Player Limits: There is no limit as to how many players you want in the war. can be 1 5 10 15 20 dont matter if your whole 50 guild member is there. *Guild members only* No joining players from outside guilds

Game Rules: Doesn't matter if you use item mall scrolls, zerk or have sun weapons. *THIS IS AN ALL OUT WAR* but some options will be banned from game rules. Please see at the restriction/penalties section for further information.

Location: Fights will be only within the map's location area

1. Chi'n tomb {as long you are in the Ch'in Tomb map area, and no u cannot go inside the Ch'in tomb caves.}
2. Tomb location in the southeast end of jangan map {As long you're in the Tomb map area}
3. Taklamakan arena {Once you step in front of the arena; dont matter if you're on top of the arena or in the middle of the arena; you can be killed}

*Please make note that all these places will have no safe zone at each selected battlefield, so no more safe zone buffers nor resser, It will make it more fun and also to get every member to be involved doesn't matter if you're high or low lvl.
*P.S.* If you do not want to be killed during the war period time. I suggest you stay in town and watch the message pops up and cheer for your guild. Cause this war is S.O.S: SMASH ON SITE at the battleground.

2 Options if you die:

1. You can wait for a your guild member to ress you.
2. Teleport back to town and run back to the battlezone as to where the location was chosen for war.


1. Any involving players that got buffed or ressed from outside players that is NOT involved in the war will be penalized and will have to stay in town.
~ 1st Offense: 10 mins staying in town
~ 2nd Offense: 20 mins staying in town
~ 3rd Offense: will be banned from fighting until their guild lost the war or your GM close out the war if they choose to submit defeat.

2. If by chance any involving guild member is killed outside the battlefield zone will be penalized as well.
~ Offense: will be applied the same as above.

So everyone let me know if this will heat up the fun a little bit more rather than the same old ways on different days. If anyone wanted to have some fun let me know in-game or send me a message.

Has been edited and thnx to kami for time to be cut shorter.

Last edited by ZR0 on Thu Feb 25, 2010 4:11 am; edited 2 times in total
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Senior Member
Senior Member

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PostSubject: Re: 3 WAY ELIMINATION GUILD WAR   3 WAY ELIMINATION GUILD WAR EmptyWed Feb 10, 2010 1:36 pm

Sounds like it could be and last some long hours of fun, i think tho there would have to be a time limit, cause i beleive as long as there are like 4 or 5 clerics ressing it will get nearly impossible to have everyone from a guild dead.
Maybe instead of a guild loosing when all die, it should be about the guild who got more kill points at the end of the time limit.

I beleive taklamaklan arena would be an awesome spot to do it, it would even add some fun factor if Lord spawns somewhere between the war hehe. It If any of the guild members get the kill(in case lord spawns on arena) that guild would win some extra kill points lol.

Would also be great if we could have someone not warring to record the whole thing!

Hopefully people will enjoy the idea and make something funny out of this!

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