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Simply0wn | CAP 90 | PVE | JSRO Empty
PostSubject: Simply0wn | CAP 90 | PVE | JSRO   Simply0wn | CAP 90 | PVE | JSRO EmptyThu Apr 21, 2016 6:47 am

COPY/PASTE from epvpers, i like to start here today 6pm GMT+1

Dear community,
I'am glad to present you our simply0wn Silkroad-Server.
This server is about Nostalgia and the old essence of Silkroad Online.
I really put alot of work into fixing the japanese Silkroad Files from 2007, and now I want to share my work with you. The reason why I did this is because of the Nostalgia and Love for Silkroad Online, and it's sad how joymax destroyed it. So let's just try to revive this with simply0wn, because this is our vision.

Now let's get to the important stuff:
Here are some simple reasons why simply0wn sro will bring you back to the past:
Silkroad Game Client from 2007 (Japanese Silkroad Online)
Oldschool trading system
No Over Edits
No Bots (At least no working 3rd Party Program for this files)
Old Game Design
Fixed dupe bugs
Silk per Hour System (you will start with 3 silks)

Another reason will be the fact that we are straight against all kind of 3rd-Party Programs!
The rates are fine, you can level up very quick.

Some Server Informations:
Name: Carbuncle
Lv Cap: 90
Item Cap: 9D
Mastery: 300
Race: CH/EU
EXP/SP Rate: x30
Item Drop Rate: x10
Gold Drop Rate: x2,5
GM's: [GM]Yuckie, [GM]timbo

[GM]Yuckie - Admin, Developer
[GM]timbo - Admin, Designer

Starter Items:
60% Exp Helper
100% Exp Helper
20x Beginner Return Scroll
10x Moving Speed Scroll
1x Rabbit Summon Scroll (3 Days)
1x Autopotion Ticket (JSRO )
50x HP Recovery Herb
50x MP Recovery Herb
Of course we give you the ability to donate us for our work, since we put alot of love and effort into this server.

Please understand that there can be still alot of bugs ingame, so don't mind to report them at:
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Simply0wn | CAP 90 | PVE | JSRO
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