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 SRO Music Videos Contest

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PostSubject: SRO Music Videos Contest   SRO Music Videos Contest EmptyMon Apr 20, 2009 5:45 pm

By: SoulSp34r
Alright so,everyone i came up with this new idea just to increase the entertainment in sro and to stay

This SRMV contest is held by SoulSp34r and Rev6

*Read Below*

Hello and welcome to SRMV Awards first Contest!

April 2009! ITS SPRING =)

Please post the video as a response if you wish to enter it in this month's contest.

Video must be made within the month (12 - 30th) of April.

Voting will take place on the May 1st

and me

Reward is a
50$ = 500silks for #1
35$ = 350silks for #2
25$ = 250silks for #3

Songs used in this video:
*1-3oh!3-don't trust me
*2-How to save a life- the fray
*3-Rollin limp bizikit
*4-Daft Punk-Harder,Better,Faster,Stronger
*5-Numa numa-O zone
*6-Beatiful life-30 seconds to mars
*7-Pervert-nerf herder
*8-and again 3oh!3-Don't trust me

*do a music video with your chosen song just like i did in ''sro- in the end''
*don't make short videos ,just with the whole song
*try to do some scenes on the music beats
*do not use any censored songs
*and include the lyric of the song above your character
*Only 1 video per person.
*Video MUST be made within the period given
*DO NOT flame/harrass/ect. it will consider the removal of your video from the contest.
*Must be a SRMV. NO random junk.
*Last but not least...HAVE FUN!

a voting thread will be opened up at may 1st on feel free to vote and support your

-Tutorial about the cut out animated masking i have in my video

-A video tutorial explains the basics of doing a video
made by jdx1589

Top 3 will be announced in SRMV Awards April 2009 Conclusion Video. Thank-You.

Feel free to sub, comment, rate, and post your own video for the contest!

Any Questions?
-Please comment or message me and ill try to quickly answer them.

So i really hope you guys participate in this contest and the purpose of it is to show you guys that there's several ways to entertain in SRO
so g'luck and best wishes from SoulSp34r

Luv from SoulSp34r,Nicole,Arden

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SRO Music Videos Contest
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